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Replating Kenya's Forests

Summary (TLDR; of project)

In Kenya, only 8% of the land is forested and 25% of the population lives below the poverty line, extensive deforestation due to logging, charcoal burning, and illegal settlements has spurred severe environmental and economic issues. Since 2019, Eden Reforestation Projects has planted over 50,000 trees and now manages 46,325+ hectares across 26 sites, partnering with local trusts and the government to restore forests, protect wildlife habitats, and provide sustainable livelihoods, aiming to increase forest cover to 10%.


Kenya, positioned on the eastern coast of Africa, is celebrated for its vast wildlife and varied ecosystems but faces significant environmental challenges. The country's forest cover stands at a mere 8%, starkly lower than the global average of 30%. The degradation of these vital areas, primarily due to logging, charcoal burning, and illegal settlements, has heightened the occurrence of droughts and exacerbated poverty. In response, the Kenyan government has committed to enhancing forest cover to 10%, with Eden Projects playing a pivotal role in achieving this restoration goal.

Why Restore in Kenya?

Forest restoration in Kenya is critical not only for the environment but also for the socio-economic fabric of the country. Kenya's forests are crucial for biodiversity, support agricultural communities, and help regulate the water cycle. The degradation of these forests has led to severe droughts and increased poverty levels. Eden Projects' restoration efforts are essential to reversing these trends, helping to meet the national goal of 10% forest coverage and improving ecological and community resilience.

Key Facts

  • 25% of Kenya's population lives below the poverty line, highlighting the urgency for sustainable development.
  • Currently, only 8% of Kenya is covered with forests, necessitating immediate action for restoration.

How Eden Projects Started

Eden Projects' engagement in Kenya began in late 2019, forming crucial partnerships with local communities, the local forest trust, and regional and national government bodies. Despite challenges posed by the global pandemic, the initiative kicked off in March 2020 with remarkable vigor, planting over 50,000 trees within the first month. This proactive start established Eden Projects as a key governmental partner in forest restoration.

Where Eden Projects Is Working

The Great Rift Valley and Kijabe Forest

In partnership with the Kijabe Forest Trust, Eden Projects focuses on Afromontane reforestation. This initiative not only revitalizes habitats for diverse wildlife but also offers sustainable economic opportunities for local communities, improves water security, and prevents landslides, thus supporting both ecological and human communities in the region.

Northern Coast, Lamu County

Alongside the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Eden Projects works in Lamu County to restore mangrove and coastal forest habitats. These efforts are crucial for providing employment in areas of extreme poverty and are key to restoring and maintaining ecosystems that support local livelihoods and cultural heritage.

Progress Achieved by Eden Projects

Eden Projects has quickly become one of the largest and most effective restoration organizations in Kenya. With 26 project sites nationwide, the initiative is focused on:

  • Re-establishing sustainable water supplies by protecting and replanting around key water sources like springs and rivers.
  • Restoring critical wildlife habitats, stabilizing slopes that are prone to landslides, and securing livelihoods through environmental restoration.


  • 46,325+ hectares are now under management, showcasing significant ecological restoration.
  • 850+ individuals have been employed, bolstering local economies in underserved regions.

Collective action can amplify the restoration impact, fostering significant environmental and social benefits. Eden Projects stands out as a leader in ecological restoration, not just for its reforestation efforts but also for its holistic approach that transforms landscapes and human lives. Choosing to support Eden Projects means investing in a sustainable future for both Kenya and its people. The personal stories from those directly involved in Eden Projects' initiatives in Kenya are both inspiring and a testament to the transformative impact of these restoration efforts. These narratives underscore the human element of environmental work, driving the mission forward.

The success of Eden Projects in Kenya is bolstered by robust partnerships with local and international bodies. These collaborations enhance operational capabilities and extend the reach and effectiveness of restoration efforts across the country.

Wrapping up

Eden Projects' work in Kenya exemplifies a powerful commitment to restoring forest landscapes and enhancing community livelihoods. By managing over 46,325 hectares and employing more than 850 locals, they demonstrate how ecological restoration supports not only biodiversity but also economic growth. Their efforts in strategic areas like the Great Rift Valley and Lamu County showcase the vital role of reforestation in stabilizing ecosystems and providing sustainable opportunities. This initiative not only moves Kenya towards its goal of increasing forest cover but also sets a global example of how integrated environmental efforts can pave the way for a sustainable future. Eden Projects continues to inspire global support, inviting everyone to contribute to a greener, more resilient Kenya.

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