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Reviving Nepal's original lost forests

Summary (TLDR; of project)

In Nepal, where less than 30% of original forests remain, the Eden Reforestation Projects initiated in 2014 are combatting severe environmental degradation which threatens local communities and wildlife, including 27 endangered mammal species. Through partnerships and extensive reforestation efforts across diverse terrains from the Nawalparasi mountains to the Chitwan National Park, they manage over 6,625 hectares, providing sustainable employment and restoring vital ecosystems.


Nepal, with its stunning natural landscapes and diverse ecosystems, confronts a severe environmental challenge. Today, only less than 30% of its original forests remain, significantly reduced due to over-harvesting, forest fires, and agricultural encroachment. This deforestation has profound impacts on the local communities and wildlife, underscoring the urgent need for restoration to restore ecological balance and community well-being.

Why Restore in Nepal?

Forests in Nepal are essential lifelines for the majority of the population, particularly the 81% residing in rural areas who rely on these ecosystems for food, shelter, and income. Additionally, these forests serve as habitats for 27 endangered mammal species, making their preservation crucial for maintaining biodiversity. Restoration efforts are critical to mitigating the effects of environmental degradation and supporting the communities and wildlife dependent on these forests.

Key Facts

  • 81% of Nepal's population lives in rural areas, heavily dependent on forest resources.
  • 27 endangered mammal species inhabit these forests, emphasizing the need for conservation efforts.

How Eden Projects Started in Nepal

In 2014, Eden Projects launched its reforestation campaign in Nepal, focusing on areas severely in need of ecological restoration. This initiative, in partnership with Chitwan National Park and fueled by local leadership and the dedication of Nepalese employees, planted nearly 400,000 seedlings in its first year. The project not only aims to restore the region's ecological fabric but also to enhance local livelihoods through sustainable development practices.

Where Eden Projects Is Working

Mountains: Nawalparasi District

Set in the Himalayan Mountains of southwestern Nepal, Nawalparasi's terrain is steep and prone to environmental instability. Here, Eden Projects plants new trees to stabilize the soil and shield local communities from landslides and other natural threats.

Grasslands: Jhapa

Located along the southeastern tip of Nepal, bordering India, Jhapa features flat grasslands and dense forests. Restoration efforts in this area focus on collaborating with local communities to restore and expand previously forested lands, enriching the region's ecological and economic health.

National Parks: Chitwan National Park

Established in 1973 as Nepal's first national park, Chitwan is a vital area for conservation, known for its tropical and subtropical forests. Eden Projects concentrates on preserving the biodiversity and ecological health of this "Heart of the Jungle," ensuring its continued role as a haven for diverse species.

Progress Achieved by Eden Projects

Significant progress has been made by Eden Projects in Nepal, with forests beginning to reemerge and natural regeneration evident at initial sites. The expansion to 21 project sites targets areas in critical need of restoration, each selected to maximize ecological recovery and community impact. This initiative not only revitalizes natural habitats but also empowers local populations, enhancing economic stability and environmental stewardship.


  • 6,625+ hectares under active management, demonstrating substantial ecological restoration.
  • 190+ individuals employed, contributing to the economic vitality of local communities.

The Importance of Eden Projects

Eden Projects stands out for its commitment to integrating environmental restoration with community development. Their work in Nepal is a testament to the transformative impact that thoughtful and sustained conservation efforts can have on both ecosystems and human lives, highlighting the interconnectedness of natural and community health.

Next steps

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